How to design your dream laundry room

How to design your dream laundry room

You spend more time than you think in your laundry room. Designing your dream laundry room doesn’t have to mean knocking out walls or wishing for more space — though it can. Discover how to maximize the space you have with storage solutions, wall art, and space saving options.


Go up instead of out

When space is tight, a stackable washer and dryer can really free up space in a laundry room. We know what you're thinking. You had one of those sets in your first apartment and could basically fit a pair of jeans and two hand towels into each load. Stackable technology doesn't limit you to compact units any longer. We love the Whirlpool 9290 series — and we wouldn't say no to that gorgeous laundry closet, either.


Make sure you have somewhere to hang

You definitely need somewhere to hang your clothes, whether you're air-drying garments or keeping them neat after ironing. The Galvanized Drying Rack from Pottery Barn looks fabulous, lets you dry multiple pieces at a time, and folds up while you're not using it. Maximizing laundry room space is key, especially as many families design a combined mudroom and laundry room.

Store laundry essentials in style

You definitely need somewhere to store all of your Forever New laundry essentials. With the space you opened up using a stackable washer and dryer, you can add a taller cabinet than you might expect. The Estate laundry cabinet offers plenty of storage space, including pull-out drawers. We think it would be perfect for a combination laundry room and mudroom.


Express yourself with wall art

Finding cute wall art makes your laundry room feel cozy and personal. Though it's a room where you're basically doing work, you don't want it to feel utilitarian. We always find exactly what we want on Etsy, especially when it comes to creative phrases. Rustically Inspired offers several gorgeous signs, and this one would work perfectly around all those loads of laundry you do.


 Keep odor at a minimum

We're just going to be honest for a minute. Laundry rooms don't always end up smelling like roses. Between stinky gym clothes and late nights when you just don't think you can finish another load, it can be tough to make sure scent buildup doesn't turn your laundry room into a locker room. The Eastern Bloom Oil Diffuser doesn't use electricity, so you can pop it onto a shelf and forget about it, except for when you catch a whiff of your favorite scent.

What's the most important laundry room feature for your family?