Product spotlight: How to add Variance to your laundry rotation

Product spotlight: How to add Variance to your laundry rotation

Out of all of our Forever New products, we field the most questions about Variance. Many people are unsure if they need it in their laundry rotation. We think they do!

What is Variance?

Originally, Variance met a specific need. We designed the detergent to deep clean compression garments — like compression stockings or bandages — without breaking down the fibers providing shape and support to the garments. We had to balance tough cleaning with fabric care during the development process. Those garments often create perspiration, so a delicate wash doesn’t truly work. However, no one wants to use harsh detergent that breaks down the flex fibers in the fabric, making it necessary to purchase new compression socks every month.


An unexpected bonus from Variance

What if you don’t use medical compression garments? After all, not many people walk around in compression hose and bandaged body parts. We’re seeing an uptick in another type of clothing where Variance is needed. Athleisure rules the world right now, from women running from the fitness studio to brunch and moms wearing workout gear to the park to chase after their kids.

Not all workout clothes require Variance. For the most part, we love — and recommend — using Ovación® to clean and preserve wicking and Spandex® fabric. However, we’ve recently discovered compression leggings, and we’re a little in love. Compression gear, in athletic land, helps your muscles recover more quickly after workouts and you can find it in socks, leggings, and even arm sleeves. In athleisure land, the leggings add a flattering boost to typical leggings.


How to keep your compression gear like new

We get that the real benefit of compression fitness gear isn’t about how it looks — though from conversations with our fellow running-tights-wearing friends, we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed. Still, we never turn down that sort of flattering benefit in our clothes — and we don’t plan on losing it in the washing machine. Without the right protection, the flex fibers that offer that extra bit of smoothing will break down during washing. And if, like us, you wear your compression leggings for workouts, you need a detergent that tackles perspiration easily.

Variance provides the laundry balance you need. Hand wash, or use the hand wash cycle on your washing machine, your compression garments in Variance and hang or lay them flat to dry. Just like it does for medical garments, Variance keeps your fitness compression gear functional, and it won’t fade your colors, whether you’re wearing classic all black or choosing a more colorful option.

Have you added compression leggings to your fitness wardrobe?