Stain removal tips for tough stains

Stain removal tips for tough stains


From sports fields to dinner mishaps, stains happen. Even the reddest wine or the muddiest fields don’t mean you need to pass your favorite items into the recycling pile. Try our best stain removal tips to get rid of your worst messes. When to treat stain.

Honestly, the best way to treat stains is to immediately remove the garment and treat it with our Stain Remedy before you even have time to Google “stain removal tips.” For most of us, though, that doesn’t work. No one wants you to take off your child’s shirt in the middle of the restaurant — even the most casual diner. For best results, treat as soon as possible. The longer stains set, the tougher they are to remove. If you can’t treat a stain immediately but can change your clothes, soak the item in plain water, or even just run it under the faucet for a few minutes.


Identify the stain — and the fabric

Knowing what you’re treating makes a difference. With kids, you might sometimes need to guess a little, because they never seem to know exactly how or what ended up on the front of their favorite shirt. Luckily, Stain Remedy can be used to treat all kinds of common stains, including blood, makeup, grease, crayon, fruit juice, and baby formula. It even works on red wine, which is key, since you might need a glass after treating dealing with any of those other messes! 

In addition to its versatility, you can feel good about using Stain Remedy on clothes for anyone in your family. Instead of using harsh bleaching chemicals, Stain Remedy uses surfactants derived from coconut and palm kernels. You can use it on any colorfast fabric. Remember, always spot test on fabric if you're not sure about its colorfastness. 

Before you use a machine

Even the best washing machines can't remove stains if you don't treat them correctly before washing. Stain Remedy can be applied directly to most fabrics — we'll talk about delicates in just a minute. Apply Stain Remedy to the stain, making sure the stain is thoroughly covered. Let air dry and check the stain. Tough stains may require more than one application, and if you notice a second application isn't helping, use a toothbrush or washcloth to make sure the liquid is penetrating the entire stain. Don't try to rush the drying process by tossing the garment in the dryer — dry heat will set a stain! Once the stain is successfully treated, wash the garment as you would normally. 

How to stain treat delicate fabrics

Stain Remedy can be used on the most delicate of fabrics, like lace and mesh, as long as they're color fast. For your most delicate fabrics, don't apply directly to the fabric. Use a toothbrush or washcloth to apply the stain treatment to the stain. Instead of washing, "rinse" the fabric by blotting with a wet washcloth or towel until all of the stain treatment is gone from the fabric. Repeat as necessary. 

What are your best stain removal tips?