Yoga gear to celebrate your practice

Yoga gear to celebrate your practice

Whether you recommitted yourself to yoga at the beginning of the year or never stopped practicing, new gear helps give you a little boost for reaching your goals. A new mat bag, a headband that always stays put, or the perfect yoga socks might even help you take your practice to the next level. Stretch longer, hold that pose just an extra minute, or even try that class that's always intimidated you!

Layers keep you comfortable before class

Spring might be around the corner, but it's still a little chilly before you start moving. The Studio Wrap from Athleta looks great on top of your favorite workout clothes, but it can also translate to brunch with friends or running errands. You'll love it so much you'll be tempted to purchase it in additional colors. 

Sticky socks keep you grounded

We used to practice naked yoga, but we found it a little uncomfortable. We're talking about our feet, of course. Worrying about slipping took our focus off our movements, and we know we can't be the only ones worrying about falling while in Half Moon post. You'll love how comfortable Chey Grip Socks from Tavi Noir feel on your feet, and the sticky stocks will keep your feet firmly where you plant them. 

Carry your yoga gear in style

You might not need another bag for your yoga mat, but you won't be able to resist this one! The Everyday Yoga Boom Box Mat Bag is fun and makes us smile every time we see it. Sometimes that's all it takes to get us moving on a day we feel a little less than motivated. 

Keep your gaze steady 

Staying focused feels a little harder when your hair falls into your face. We adore the BE Breezy Headband from Sweaty Bands. The velvet band on the inside of the band makes sure it doesn't budge on your head — even if you're one of those people who swears they can't find a headband that works for them. Better yet, the velvet holds everything in place without pulling or damaging your hair. You'll forget it's there, which is exactly the point.

Take your yoga practice to the next level with a new mat

There's nothing like performing a Sun Salutation near the ocean, but many of us only have the chance to do that while we're on vacation. You might not be able to do yoga on the beach every day, but this gorgeous Lululemon Reversible Mat in Bleached Starlight / Light Quicksand will remind you of your favorite peaceful retreat. 

For hot yoga practice

Trying Bikram — or hot yoga — intimidates some people, in part because you worry about what to do with all of that toxin-cleaning sweat. The Manduka equa® Hand Yoga Towel helps. You can place it across your mat to keep your hands and feet from slipping or use it for a quick wipe down between poses. Better yet, buy more than one — you'll love how soft and absorbent they are. We even keep one in our gym bag for quicker post-shower hair drying.

Why STRETCH improves your yoga experience

We hope you're turning to STRETCH Wash to keep your workout clothes in tip top condition. Keeping yoga gear's stretch intact, while eliminating any odor that might arise from your more intense sweat sessions. STRETCH can do more than wash your clothes, though. You'll want to keep the Odor Removal Spray nearby, because it works so well to keep your mat, bag, or other yoga gear smelling fresh. (We even give our headbands a quick spritz.) Taking care of your gear makes sense, especially when you've dedicated the time to take care of yourself. 

Do you have a special piece of workout gear that keeps you motivated?