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Prospective Distributor Information

We are very careful where we put our products. Our products are considered luxury products for the laundry of delicates and lingerie, although you can use it for any material that is colorfast. It is so gentle, that museums use it for the restoration of heirloom items, bridal shops wash gowns in it and quilters find it helps keep the color in the fabrics. It can be used on cashmere, silk, linen, cotton, wool and on all synthetic fabrics, anything that is colorfast. It will cut down on dry cleaning costs.

What makes us different?

Our products prolong the life of garments and can rejuvenate older items too. Many of the top brand products on the market today are lanolin or petroleum based, which cling to the fibers and to make them soft, but over time accumulate in the fibers of the garment. Also, some minerals in hard water combine with soaps and eventually will leave a sticky scum in the fibers. This is where you see fading, odor retention and loss of elasticity. Many modern fabrics prohibit the use of chlorine bleach for stain removal; oxygen bleaches were developed to fill this need. Some of the color safe bleaches contain hydrogen peroxide, which is not gentle and will cause a breakdown of fibers eventually.


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