Be Gentle: Forever New products are crafted to give your fine garments some much needed TLC. Our gentle family of products are the benchmark in performance, prolong garment life, preserve fit & shape and rinse completely. Expect your fine garments to look and feel like new for years.

Bag It: The gentle or delicate setting is a must and a garment bag is a plus. We suggest our Garment Guardian or Lace For Lingerie®. Always clasp bras to protect under wires during the spin/rinse cycle.

To Dry: For fine garments, the dryer isn't your friend as heat can cause damage. We always recommend air drying.

  • Cotton: Easily laundered in warm water, this fabric can withstand higher temperatures. Expect some ironing and/or shrinkage.
  • Linen: Always use cool/cold water when washing garments with linen fabric.
  • Spandex/Lycra: Whether hand washing or machine washing, use only cool/cold water and drip dry or dry on air only setting.
  • Rayon: Always hand wash or dry-clean garments with this fabric. Extra rinsing is suggested.
  • Silk: Only pre-washed silk is washable. Closely follow the care instructions on garment.
  • Wool: Always wash in cool/cold water and allow at least 24 hours to dry before wearing.


Always rinse thoroughly, never twist or wring and with very delicate fine garments avoid the dryer.