Product Spotlight: Your athleisure pieces will love Stretch

Athleisure makes it easy to go from the gym to the carpool lane — or the other way around. Discover how to keep your favorite pieces looking new with STRETCH, the newest line from Forever New.


Why you need STRETCH wash

Workout clothes used to be solely for workouts. We’d tuck them into a gym bag, change in the locker room, stow them away after our workout, and get on with the rest of our day. Athleisure changed the way we look at leggings, pullovers, and wicking fabric. Suddenly, running tights coordinate with yoga tanks, and we all have a favorite, oversized sweater that keeps us warm without overheating. We wear these pieces to the gym, but we also wear them to lunch with friends or to shuttle kids around after school. And that means we suddenly have a whole new type of laundry to do.
We know. You’ve washed your athletic wear in regular detergent forever, and it looks…well, fine. We want you to look more than fine, so STRETCH does more than wash your clothes. We offer an odor eliminator in a wash that keeps the “stretch” in your clothes. And we all know how awful it is when athleisure pieces start losing their shape. In addition, STRETCH removes chlorine, making it the perfect wash for your swimsuits and cover-ups. Available in both liquid and granular formulations, our STRETCH line gives you the tools to keep your favorite clothes looking like new.


weights, gym bag and stretch spray over a yoga matt


STRETCH isn’t just about laundry
We all know how tough it can be to get sweat out of workout clothes. You think you’ve cleaned everything, and then another workout begins and you catch a whiff of workouts past. Our Stretch line can help. Our STRETCH Odor Removal and Pre-Treatment Spray both protects your fabrics and helps our fabric wash work even better.
Pre-treat your workout clothes or athleisure wear and let them dry. Wear as you normally would. Another quick spray before washing helps even more. The best part about the Stretch Spray is how you can use it on your workout gear. Spray yoga mats and athletic shoes, bicycle helmets and gym bags. STRETCH makes odor control a little easier, no matter how vigorous your workouts might be.

Take STRETCH with you on the go
Stash a small bottle of STRETCH in your gym bag, and you’ll be on your way to banishing odors before they seep their way into your life. Both the liquid and granular versions of STRETCH come in a travel size, which means you can use STRETCH in a hotel room sink during your next vacation, ensuring your swimsuits look just as beautiful when they leave paradise as they did when you arrived.

Have your athleisure pieces found their way into your daily wardrobe? 

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