Get rid of the lost socks issue, or avoid stretched straps or hooks damage.

It helps in separating certain articles of clothing from the rest of the laundry and prevent items from getting misplaced in the washer.

These eco-friendly bags protect the gentle fabrics from being torn in the washing machine and the dryer by providing a protective layer between the items contained within it and other items in the washer.

Helps prolong the life of your garments

The reviews are in…

"It was a good quality buy"

The laundry bags work great keep the delicates safe

"Well made delicates wash bag"

Well made mesh bag for washing delicate items. Zippers work well and plenty of volume for garments.

"Great washing bags"

These bags are great for washing things you don't want mixed in with the rest of the wash load. Nice large size. I like to put our white socks in them so they don't get lent balls from the towels.

"Best lingerie bag ever"

I used to have a looser weave bag for delicate undergarments. However, when washing, bras would come unhooked and the hooks would get twisted up in the weave. I went to hand washing until I found these bags. They are a tight weave but still allows water to come in to wash garments inside. Bras and other delicates don't get intertwined together and they get clean.

Rated 4.8/5 - Families love Forever New.