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Tip the caps to the side until the air-seal is popped, then pull the cap up. (The original cap is still sealed underneath.)

You bet! Forever New can be used on all colorfast fabrics, even some that are dry-clean only.

We always advise testing in an inconspicuous area before washing if you have any doubts. Forever New is safe on all natural fabrics, blends, and new synthetics. We do recommend being careful with silk and rayon garments, as some are not washable and can become very fragile.

Handwash: 1 TBSP/30 mL/1 oz. High Efficiency: 1/8 Cup/30 mL/1 oz. Non-High Efficiency: 1/4 Cup/60 mL/2 oz.

No, our products do not “go bad” or spoil, it is possible that they can lose some of their effectiveness in cleaning clothes when the formula begins to break down and ingredients separate, the product would need to be agitated or shaken to be remixed. Forever New does not list a “best used by” date, as the product is sold in such small containers that it is easily remixed if it becomes hard or cakey from exposure to moisture or left open for long periods of time. If the product remains sealed or unopened we have never had an issue with the product not performing how it should, no matter how long it has aged. Finally, Forever New is made to order, so we are not sitting on inventory for long periods of time before it is shipped to the individual distributors or retailers. If an order is shipped today, it was either made this morning or last evening.

YES! Use it as you would any other soap, but remember Forever New Products are low sudsing, so if you have a lot of bubbles, you are probably using too much.

Yes, only use half the amount you would in a regular washer. Forever New is highly concentrated and low sudsing. If you find you are getting a lot of suds in your rinse water, you might want to add less Forever New.

YES, our products are highly biodegradable, free of phosphates and chlorine that would contribute to killing part of the bacteria in your septic system, reducing the effectiveness of it. Also, our low sudsing formulation would avoid excessive foam in the aeration chamber.

Yes, Variance and Delicate Fragrance Free are perfume and dye free.

Absolutely! We developed Forever New Baby with a mother of three for all your baby’s washables. The mild formula is pure, natural, hypoallergenic and biodegradable. Gently cleans, eliminates odors and stains while preserving the softness and comfort of your baby’s washables.

No, Forever New can be used for all your washable items and dry clean items.

No, none of the products made by Forever New are tested on animal.

The bottles are made from 25% or more post-consumed recycled plastic. Contains no phosphate. Please recycle

Our product are 100% made in Sioux Falls, SD USA

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