Transform your laundry into a luxurious ritual.

Forever New Scent Collection infuses high-quality fabric wash with artisan-crafted fragrances. Inspired by aromas of bergamot, lavender, pomelo and cedarwood.

This gentle wash creates a fragrance-filled laundry experience that can be used to clean anything that fills your basket. The long lasting scents will leave sophisticated aromas on everything from delicate lingerie and soft cashmere to deep blue denim and vibrant cottons. Safe for both hand and machine washing, including use with HE machines.

The ultimate unspoken accessory!

The reviews are in…

"Lovely scent, effective cleaning!"

This detergent smells wonderfully of bergamot, and leaves a delicate and fresh citrusy scent on my clothes. I prefer gentle, natural scents instead of reeking like a laundromat and getting a headache because of it, and this laundry soap provides exactly what I want.

"Smells SO good! Floral and fresh!"

I ordered this detergent in the "Lavender" scent, which is actually a blended fragrance with notes of lavender, vanilla bean, vetiver, and rose petals. It doesn't smell particularly like lavender to me, but it smells SO good! Floral and fresh and a little feminine.

"Like it for bedding"

This worked well to get my laundry clean - not that the linens I wash with this are particularly dirty, but if they had come out not seeming fresh, I would have been able to tell. Since I chose the lavender scent, I prefer to use it on bedding where the scent lingers a little after drying.

"Beautiful, long lasting scent!"

I used it to wash my bedding over the weekend and can still smell it. The scent is lightly present after a few days but it still smells nice and clean!

Rated 4.8/5 - Families love Forever New.