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Delicate Powder Laundry Kit

Delicate Powder Laundry Kit

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The perfect laundry kit essentials for maintaining your garments fresh and always looking forever new.



The perfect laundry kit essentials for maintaining your garments fresh and looking always forever new.

This Kit Includes:

2 Forever New Fabric Wash Granular 32 oz $40

1 Garment Guardian Mesh Bag 11"x17" $8

Kit Value: $48

How to open the new measuring caps on the 32oz Delicate: Tip the caps to the side until the air-seal is popped, then pull the cap up. (The original cap is still sealed underneath.)

Free Of

Optical Brighteners
Petroleum Products


Sodium Carbonate CAS#(497-19-8)
Ethoxylated C12-16 alcohols CAS#(68551-12-2)
Sodium Silicate CAS#(68551-12-2)
Sodium Bicarbonate CAS#(144-55-8)
Sodium Citrate CAS#(6132-04-3)
Trisodium Aminotriacetate CAS#(5064-31-3)
Zeolite CAS#(1318-02-1)
Forever New Fragrance (Proprietary)
Benzyl Benzonate CAS#(120-51-4)
Cinnamyl Alcohol CAS#(104-54-1)
Amyl Cinnamal CAS#(122-40-7)

Care Instructions

Hand Wash: Dissolve 1 Tbsp. in a basin of water, agitate gently, soak for 3-5 minutes, rinse thoroughly, lay flat to dry.
Machine Wash: Add 2 Tbsp. for a full load. Standard and HE machines. Wash cycle set to delicate for fine garments.
Washing TIPS: Protect your best garments using our WASH bags and for TOUGH STAINS, pre-treat with Stain Remover.


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Why Forever New?

Forever New is better for you, better for your clothes, and better for our world.

Since 1975, our safe, simple, and effective cleaning products have been trusted to clean the most delicate fabrics while remaining free and clear of dyes, phosphates, and other harmful ingredients.

Forever New Delicate is the original formulation for delicate fabrics like silk, lace, cashmere, and lingerie.