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Forever New Baby Stain Remedy Spray

Forever New Baby Stain Remedy Spray

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Tough on stains but gentle on sensitive skin.



As parents, we want to use only the safest, most natural, and mildest product on our baby. Tough on stains but gentle on sensitive skin, Forever New Stain Remedy is extremely effective. Available with built-in brush for easy application and scrubbing or as a spray option that is ideal for broad applications. Simply treat, let it set, and wash on normal laundry cycle.
Removes common stains such as blood, grass, baby food, oils & creams, messy diapers, baby formula and other little messes

Free Of

Optical Brighteners


Care Instructions

Shake well before using. Spray directly onto stain. Rub gently using finger tips. Wait 2 minutes, or reapply if necessary. Wash in cold water with Forever New Fabric Care Wash.

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