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Forever New Delicate - Powder Original Scent Detergent

Forever New Delicate - Powder Original Scent Detergent

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Forever New Delicate is safe, effective and gentle to prolong the life of new garments and can restore some older garments. 


      Forever New Delicate Powder, the original and same first blend made since 1975, is made with premium quality ingredients, formulated to gently clean, brighten and promote longer life for all fine washables. With a natural base of multiple sodas and citrus, our special formulations are highly effective and unique to extend the life of garments. Forever New Granular products contain no bleach, optical brighteners, lanolin or petroleum products. This concentrated blend gently lifts stains and soils while rinsing completely free from the fabric leaving no soap residues to damage thread fibers. Forever New Granular preserves fiber-flex and elasticity, allowing all fine garments to look new longer.

      You will love the original scent and the way it treats your washables. Forever New products are safe on colorfast garments, but always test for colorfastness in a small inconspicuous area if you are unsure.

      * Also available in Unscented - Fragrance Free.

      How to open the new measuring caps on the 32oz Delicate: Tip the caps to the side until the air-seal is popped, then pull the cap up. (The original cap is still sealed underneath.)

      Free Of

      Optical Brighteners
      Petroleum Products


      Sodium Carbonate CAS#(497-19-8)
      Ethoxylated C12-16 alcohols CAS#(68551-12-2)
      Sodium Silicate CAS#(68551-12-2)
      Sodium Bicarbonate CAS#(144-55-8)
      Sodium Citrate CAS#(6132-04-3)
      Trisodium Aminotriacetate CAS#(5064-31-3)
      Zeolite CAS#(1318-02-1)
      Forever New Fragrance (Proprietary)
      Benzyl Benzonate CAS#(120-51-4)
      Cinnamyl Alcohol CAS#(104-54-1)
      Amyl Cinnamal CAS#(122-40-7)

      Care Instructions

      Hand Wash: Dissolve 1 Tbsp. in a basin of water, agitate gently, soak for 3-5 minutes, rinse thoroughly, lay flat to dry.
      Machine Wash: Add 2 Tbsp. for a full load. Standard and HE machines. Wash cycle set to delicate for fine garments.
      Washing TIPS: Protect your best garments using our WASH bags and for TOUGH STAINS, pre-treat with Stain Remover.

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      Why Forever New?

      Forever New is better for you, better for your clothes, and better for our world.

      Since 1975, our safe, simple, and effective cleaning products have been trusted to clean the most delicate fabrics while remaining free and clear of dyes, phosphates, and other harmful ingredients.

      Wash it right, wear it forever!

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 15 reviews
      Great for all washables

      I was gifted a 4 oz bottle of the "Delicate" powder, several years ago. Although originally intended for washing bras, I have found it perfect for silk blouses, and wool and cashmere sweaters. As "delicate" a detergent as it is, it really deep cleans these items without harm to the fabric(s).

      Amazing customer service ~ wonderful product!!

      I've been buying Forever New for years. I started purchasing it in department stores in the lingerie section and I was so happy to find it in a small specialty boutique in my town. Forever New has always been the best product for my skin (I have extreme eczema and dry skin) and because its made to be gentle of things and keep clothing looking new- its worth the investment. I recently tried the liquid formula for my bedding and loved it. The scent is perfect. Not too strong but still fresh and clean. I was very happy to hear that the company took time over Covid to become Safer Choice compliant and continues to ensure they are using clean ingredients. They explained why they use a plastic bottle too. Recycling is not an option on a lined box (I thought it was) and plastic like the bottle Forever New goes right into my recycle bin(a stream that is already in place for most people). I love a product and company that stands behind its products.

      Formula Changed

      It smells nice in the bottle but it doesn’t leave the same fragrant smell on your clothing as it did years ago. Purchased from Saks for many years so I’m disappointed as my family used to love the smell of their laundry after using this. Clothes were soft but it’s pricey to not get the same product; will probably not be ordering again

      A Mar
      Perfect for Intimates

      I soak hose, tights, bras, slips and delicates in this enzyme cleaner. Its great. I am not sure if it gets out heavy stains but it does remove regular spills and odors.
      The scent is nice and just a cap full will go a long way.

      The perfect detergent to wash delicates

      I have used Forever New on my bras for years. The way it quickly dissolves in warm water makes a short soak and a gentle squeeze on bras the best way to launder them. No way will I spend $100+ on a good bra and then send it through the washing machine! The scent is subtle and doesn't overwhelm. An excellent product.