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Forever New Stain Remedy - Built-in Brush

Forever New Stain Remedy - Built-in Brush

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Stain Remover will remove the toughest stains from delicates to all types of fabrics without chemical bleaches.



Stain Remedy® will remove the toughest stains from delicates to all types of fabrics without chemical bleaches. This unique blend is made of effective surfactants, gentle on any fabric that is colorfast.

Removes the most common stains such as blood, coffee, cosmetics, grease, grass, wine and everyday soils

Free Of

Optical Brighteners


Care Instructions

Shake well before using. Apply directly onto stain. Rub gently using built-in brush. Wait 2 minutes, or reapply if necessary. Wash in cold water with Forever New Laundry Detergent.
Harmful if swallowed. Upon eye contact, flush thoroughly with water.

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Why Forever New?

Forever New is better for you, better for your clothes, and better for our world.

Since 1975, our safe, simple, and effective cleaning products have been trusted to clean the most delicate fabrics while remaining free and clear of dyes, phosphates, and other harmful ingredients.

With a built-in brush or spray, Stain Remedy is your easy, soiled-clothes solution.

Customer Reviews

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Use it all the time

Use it all the time. Do you sell this by the gallon?

Excellent spot remover

Works wonderful on coffee and blood stains

Fi C.

This was a "ok, I love the wash powder I'll TRY it." I didn't expect the amazing results grom it that I've gotten in spades!!! Give it a go.

It works.

Having a daughter with chronic bloody noses, I cant begin to count the number of times weve ruined. This works AMAZINGLY well at getting all the stains out. My daughter even says, time to use the magic soap when she notices a stain.

Presto Change Stain Vanished

I own very few white shirts and blouses, the ones I do own I treasure and it was with dismay that I discovered a lipstick mark on my brand spanking new Wolford pullover(in case you have never heard of Wolford, it is an Austrian clothing company with ungodly high-priced apparel)it was because of that stain that I ordered 'F.N 7 oz. R.L.S. with B-I. B.' as it turns out it was worth the wait(two days). I followed the instructions exactly and the lipstick stain is history, this worked equally well on an olive oil mishap to a white cotton and a lycra tee shirt. I also use Forever New, the powdered original,for all my delicate items and in the washing machine for all my black clothing which I wash only in cold water.
I am strangely obsessed with stain removal products, detergents(anionic, non-ionic, alkalinity, acidity), additives such as Borax, vinegar(not the red wine variety), Calgonite, and of course Oxy-something or other. After all was said, done, read, Wikipedia-ed I have concluded that Forever New Is one of the most thorough detergents on the market and I should emphasize that Forever New rinses out easily, my city(Chicago)has very hard water and most detergents can require two or even three rinses even though I am careful to use a very small amount of soap.