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Ovación Liquid Detergent for Dark Delicates

Ovación Liquid Detergent for Dark Delicates

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Specially formulated to perform in cold water and protect dark colors. 


    Ovación is a rich, remarkably effective liquid blend that offers all the qualities and restorative power of the proven Forever New formulations. Specially formulated to perform in cold water and protect dark colors.

    Ovación quickly restores the “newness” to lingerie, swimwear, sportswear and all colorfast fabrics. This delicately scented formula utilizes several premium and exclusive liquid ingredients to allow a quicker breakdown of perspiration, salts and body oils, while adding extra softness. It will work for both, hand and wash machine.

    Free Of

    Optical Brighteners
    Petroleum Products


    Water CAS#(7732-18-5)
    Lauramidopropyl Betaine CAS#(4292-10-8)
    Sodium Laureth Sulfate CAS#(68585-34-2)
    Ethoxylated C12-16 alcohols CAS#(68551-12-2)
    Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate CAS#(51981-21-6)
    Sodium Chloride CAS#(7647-14-5)
    Benzisothiazolinone CAS#(2634-33-5)
    Methylisothiazolinone CAS#(2682-20-4)
    Forever New Fragrance (Proprietary)
    Benzyl Benzonate CAS#(120-51-4)
    Cinnamy Alcohol CAS#(104-54-1)
    Amyl Cinnamal CAS#(122-40-7)

    Care Instructions

    Hand Wash: Dissolve 1 Tbsp. in a basin of water, agitate gently, soak for 3-5 minutes, rinse thoroughly, lay flat to dry.
    Machine Wash: Add 2 Tbsp. for a full load. Standard and HE machines. Wash cycle set to delicate for fine garments.
    Washing TIPS: Protect your best garments using our WASH bags and for TOUGH STAINS, pre-treat with Stain Remover.

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    Why Forever New?

    Forever New is better for you, better for your clothes, and better for our world.

    Since 1975, our safe, simple, and effective cleaning products have been trusted to clean the most delicate fabrics while remaining free and clear of dyes, phosphates, and other harmful ingredients.

    Wash it right, wear it forever!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    WAAY Better Than Others

    I've been using Forever New powder for at least 30 years, and swear by it, but this liquid for darks is amazing. I've been using a competitor brand for darks, but Ovacion for Darks is so much better. I especially noticed it with a sweater I've had for a couple years - this stuff renewed it. It's far softer and stretchier than it was when washing with the other brand's liquid. I'll never go back to the other brand. I just wish this came in a bigger size!

    Face Mask Wash

    I treat my face masks like fine delicates and prefer to hand wash them. After a search, I thought I'd give this product a try. In addition to hand washing my families face masks, I've been using it also to hand wash my hair scrunchies and cloth headbands. It does have a light scent but I enjoy it. Fresh and light, no harsh chemicals.

    Oily stain is gone

    I have been a fan of Forever New ever since managing a lingerie boutique, and it has been my go to for delicate wash for 30 years.
    I was cooking and my blouse was splattered with droplets of butter that regular pretreatment and washing did not remove. I remembered customers who got amazing results removing stains w FN and then found that I had some Ovacion in the cabinet. It worked beautifully & the entire load smells so fresh.
    As an aside, customers washed wigs, hopelessly stained men's ties, and jewelry in FN and were always delighted with the results.

    Great for expensive lingerie

    Ive been using this product on my expensive bras for years and they hold up well. This is the first time I purchased the liquid rather than the powder and cant say I like one over the other.

    This is a good product for wahng delicates.

    I would probably prefer this in an unscented variety. The scent isn't real objectionable, but at times, I'd rather it wasn't as strong.